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Pre-Raphaelites - Astarte Syriaca

Pre-Raphaelites - Astarte Syriaca

I have been enamoured of the Pre-Raphaelite movement since I was 10 years old, when I received a birthday card of a Pre-Raphaelite print (I think it was ‘The Bower’), and many more were to follow!  

A Motley Brew .. Tetley Tea Perfume

Tetley the 'tea folk' have launched a Tea inspired fragrance (Tetley-Le Brew) which has many people bemused, .. who wants to smell like a cuppa char!?  Promoted by the fair Tina, the female...

A Symphony of Scent - Part II

Otherwise known as the 'heart' or 'bouquet' notes, they are more longer lasting than our capricious, fleeting top notes. Unfolding over a few hours, the heart notes impart body, fullness and warmth...