Fragrances of the Georgian Court

Fragrances of the Georgian Court

It was lovely to revisit Hampton Court Palace this year to provide an afternoon workshop as part of their ‘Secrets of the Royal Bedchamber’ Exhibition.

Halloween fun at Midnight Apothecary

Halloween fun at Midnight Apothecary

A fun-filled evening at Brunel Museum on Saturday 27th October, the rain, wind and cold did not deter us!

A Fantasmagoria of Windmakers

The historical use and creation of Fans date back to ancient times, primarily in a functional capacity as a ‘wind-maker’, to provide shade and to swat and deflect insects (lovely!); imagine the...

Attars and Choyas

I am the taste in the water, the light of the sun and the moon, the sound in the ether, the ability in the man, the fragrance of the earth, the life of all that lives, the strength of the strong, the...

A Symphony of Scent - Part II

Otherwise known as the 'heart' or 'bouquet' notes, they are more longer lasting than our capricious, fleeting top notes. Unfolding over a few hours, the heart notes impart body, fullness and warmth...

What is Natural Perfumery?

Natural perfumery draws on the art and science of creating fragrant, aesthetically pleasing compositions using ingredients of natural origin which...