A Seductive Soak


In honour of St Valentine, why not share a softening soak with your loved one or indulge on your own.  Here is a simple, natural recipe for bathing  to set a romantic mood.

You will need:

1 x pint of FULL fat milk    (skin softening and if its good enough for Cleopatra, who am I to question!)

1 tablespoon of honey     (to add sweetness to love and life, skin softening too)

3-6 drops of Rose Otto essential oil or Rose Absolute -                 the ultimate 'love and romance' oil    (if you do not have Rose, substitute Geranium, Ylang ylang or Jasmine which are equally beautifying and sensuous)

If you have received a bouquet of roses (lucky you!), use the petals of one to sprinkle on the water before you get in!


1. Run a hot bath - not too hot, lobster skin is not the desired look this season

2. Gently heat the milk - do not allow to boil

3. Add the honey and stir until dissolved

4. Take the warmed milk and honey off the heat and add in your essential oils of choice, stir. Essential oils will dilute more easily in the full-fat milk base.

5. Add the milk, honey and essential oil recipe to your bath water, swirl round - if you have the rose petals now is a good time to sprinkle them in.

6. Light a couple of candles or tea-lights and get in for a seductive, scented steep.  Breathe in the aromatic vapours, close your eyes and enjoy a blissful soak.