Pre-Raphaelites - Astarte Syriaca

Pre-Raphaelites - Astarte Syriaca

I have been enamoured of the Pre-Raphaelite movement since I was 10 years old, when I received a birthday card of a Pre-Raphaelite print (I think it was ‘The Bower’), and many more were to follow!  

The Fragrance Families

So, we have dipped a toe in perfume structure (which is by no means set in stone), but how do we know what kind of fragrance/aroma we like, how do we describe our fragrance choice - what language...

A Symphony of Scent - part III

Otherwise know as 'bottom' or more romantically (and more preferable!), 'soul' notes, these are heavier and more tenacious. Base notes are deep, warm and have a powerful influence on the overall...