A tapestry of aromas embed in our psyche from early childhood and continue to weave their potent powers through adulthood forming a subliminal smell map of memories, experiences and emotions.

I set up ‘TPM’ to share my passion for all things olfactory and scent-related, as a therapist and educator I wanted a platform to share knowledge, encourage curiosity, discussion and creativity for those attracted to the intangible sense of smell! 

Born in the east end of London, I spent the first 16 years of my life flitting between London and the Kent countryside, where each Summer, our family would decamp to a farm for fruit picking season in July/August and then hop picking Aug/September, I was always the student starting Autumn term late, wafting in with a faint sillage of hemp sacks and hop mulch!  My smell-memory map is a unique geographical combination of concrete, creosote (a neighbour used to apply this marmite-coloured pungent gunge to his fences every summer) hops, hay, campfires, mud, manure, sun ripened sweet strawberries, cherries and raspberries, musky blackberries, my mum’s Ambre Solaire SPF sun 4 oil and Cachet perfume, and my nan’s Elnett hairspray and Yardley geranium lipstick – ALL generously applied. 

Having donned many varied ‘job hats’ – some more glamorous and fitting than others, I trained with the Tisserand Institute and finally found my groove as an Aromatherapist, combining my love of plants, nature, healing, wellbeing and lifestyle with the unique combination of touch and smell. Since leaving the office behind, I have been working within the field of olfaction for over 15 years, combining my clinical practice as an Aromatherapist with education/training and developing creative, interactive events, exploring ‘smell’ and its many therapeutic and psychological effects.  

I truly love to sniff out unusual odours, create products, investigate the history and uses of plants and their extracts and offer innovative ways to reconnect with our senses and the world around us, using smell as the platform. 

So, welcome to The Perfume Mistress and my phantasmagorical world of fragrance, where you can learn, play, smell, converse and discuss on all things aromatic either in person through my events and training or virtually by reading my blog, signing up to my newsletter or though social media, I am just a click away.

Tanya Moulding, The Perfume Mistress
Scent conjuror, Aromatherapist, Educator, Aromatic Alchemist