Autumn skincare workshops

fiery tunnel of autumn leaves

fiery tunnel of autumn leaves

Doesn't this picture just make you want to pull on your boots and KICK up those leaves with unabashed glee!!

I have been caught on the hop, October sneaking up on me so quickly that I have been sadly lacking in the 'blogging department' for a while.  I have had lots of interesting, fun and amazing little olfactory adventures over the Summer - trying out mind-blowing new oils from Brazil, discussions on smell training, refining my incense-making skills, exploring intoxicating plants, talking about Smell and Wellbeing …. I shall share a summary and info soon!

Meantime, back at the alchemy lab, I have a few workshops coming up this Autumn, exploring the wonders of essential oils, waxes, butters and plant oils to help us on the path of relaxation, skin beautification and protection.

The first is this Sunday, for the time-strapped, we have a nifty 2-hour session, making a hand cream and I shall be demonstrating how to make lip balm.  Come along, there is superlative CAKE!   You can find out more HERE

If you are hardcore craft addict, then I have a 2-day workshop to feed your botanical desires in November, making lovely balms, body butters and other slathering potions, find out more HERE

These are also listed on my Workshops page.

Happy leaf scrunching!