A Spice Odyssey at Kew Gardens

Indian Spice Route

Indian Spice Route

This year the Kew Summer Festival is celebrating the mysterious, exotic and fragrant world of SPICES.

Following on from the success of KewLates during the Alluring Orchid festival in February, the gardens will again open late, each Wednesday until July 1st, from 6.30-9.30pm, giving you full reign to explore the beautiful botanic gardens and experience a host of activities as dusk draws in and the crowds dwindle.

I am very excited, (or should that be 'keen as mustard'?), as I shall be part of the spice action on Wednesday 24th June and Wednesday 1st  July.

I will be in the Palm House with my 'Origin of the Spices Smell and Tell' table, with lots of things to smell and educate, so come and discover spices that have been used throughout history, in the fields of medicine/beauty, trade, food and drink:

- Money, Gods and Power

The importance of spices such as cinnamon, black pepper and saffron in trade, business, death, taxes and rituals.

- Pestilence, Pain, Pleasure and Perfume

Inspired by myth, fact and folklore, discover how spices were used to guard against plague, fragrance the air, ease aches, aid libido, anoint the body, enhance dreams, to their current use in modern perfumery, skincare and new research into the chemical compounds of spices (chilli, turmeric, cinnamon, saffron) for today's health challenges.  

- An Appetite for Life

Spices are renowned for their appetite-stimulating aroma and their complex flavour in a variety of cuisines; spice up your life with a gustatory tour of food and drink history, sample a sugar and spice confit, see Nutmeg with new eyesand discover ingredients in your favourite tipple.

I hope to see you there!


So if the mercury is rising and the evenings are light and balmy, have an evening of discovery - come along to a KewLate, indulge your spice addiction and imbibe a spice-inspired cocktail, improve your mind with a talk, create a spice blend …

You can find out more about the Spice KewLates by clicking here

an exotic melange of spices

an exotic melange of spices